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Encrypting Ubuntu One Files With Ubuntu One Encrypt / Decrypt

Ubuntu One is a web service similar to Dropbox which comes pre-installed with the Ubuntu operating system. It allows users to store and sync files between computers and mobile devices using it’s cloud storage service. We told you how to encrypt Dropbox in Ubuntu using ENCFS. This time we have Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt which is a script for encrypting and decrypting Ubuntu One data before uploading it. According to the developer, he made this script keeping in view the weak security provided by Ubuntu One (reminds us of Dropbox), which does not provide encryption for uploaded data from your Ubuntu computer to the cloud.

To get started, download the .sh file (download link given at the end of the post) and make it executable. This can be done by selecting Properties  from right click context menu, going to the Permissions tab and enabling the option “Allow executing file as program”.


Once done, double click on the .sh file to run it. The script will prompt for a password which you want to use for encryption. After you have chosen a password, it will encrypt and copy the encrypted data to your Ubuntu One directory. This password is not your root password but a separate password kept only for encrypting and decrypting  Ubuntu One data using this script.


To decrypt data, run the .sh file again and select Decrypt. The script will make sure that you are not decrypting data from within the Ubuntu One folder, as that would cause the decrypted data to be immediately uploaded to the Ubuntu One servers. Then it will prompt for the password and decrypt the data as expected. If the decrypted data contains a compressed GZIP archive, then it will automatically Untar it.

Pass Phrase

Download Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt


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