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eSpeak Is Free Text To Speech Software For Windows, Mac, And Linux

eSpeak Speech Synthesizer is an open source speech synthesizer for Windows, Mac and Linux based OS. It provides the option for listening to text in multiple languages. The speech is clear and the available text in English, can be listened to in any alternative language easily.

Just enter the desired text in the eSpeak text box and click on the Play button after selecting the appropriate language. This plays the text in sequence and the word that is being played is highlighted. The available languages in this application are quite infinite and the utility to copy/paste text allows coping a large number of text to the eSpeak text box. Clicking on the File drop down menu also allows opening multiple eSpeak boxes for adding text separately to. From this menu a file can also be saved for the current text. This can be later imported via the Open option in the File menu to be played again.

eSpeak Speech Synthesizer was tested on Ubuntu 10.10.

Download eSpeak Speech Synthesizer


  1. “quite infinite”? What is that? Quite aside from the fact the number of languages supported is as far from infinite as zero is, quite infinite sounds about on par with quite pregnant – it either is or it isn’t, there’s no middle ground.

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