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Fix Failed Packages With Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix

Tired of manually fixing Ubuntu failed packages? Why not automate the process. Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix is a script for the Gnome desktop which can be used to easily fix failed packages automatically. This script fixes Ubuntu package errors which occur during software installation. When such errors occur, users normally resort to quitting their installation forcibly or leaving the failed packages unrepaired. Another alternative is to go through the lengthy process of manually fixing the errors. Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix aims at getting rid of this common annoyance and providing means to automate the process of fixing packages.

To get started, download the .SH file and double-click to run it. The file is already in executable form so you won’t have to manually make it executable from file properties.

Run File

You will be prompted to specify the failed package. In case you are having problem locating the failed package’s details, you can get the package details from Synaptic Package Manager. The script will require the exact name of the failed package.

Package name

Once you have entered the package name, Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix script will stop all DPKG processes, reconfigure DPKG, remove the broken package, and finally remove the lock on DPKG. This will fix your failed package.


Download Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix

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