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FOFF FTP Client – Verify Files With MD5 Checksum, Preview Image & Audio Files

FOFF or Free Open FTP Face is a lightweight multi-platform (Windows and Linux) FTP client with rich set of features bundled in a simplified user interface. Besides having all the basic features of a FTP client, it enables you to compress files in GZIP, ZIP, and BZ2 format with an option to verify integrity of files backed by MD5 checksums. Just like the famous FTP client FileZilla, it lets you bookmark site connections to quickly switch between multiple FTP servers without having to supply account credentials each time for establishing connection.  With FOFF, you won’t need to associate applications to open images, text, and audio files, as it comes with an in-built capability to display  images with zooming options, open plain text files, and preview audio files with options to create playlists.

After installing FOFF in Ubuntu, it can be accessed from Applications –> Internet.

To connect to your FTP site, enter the site URL followed by your login credentials and click Connect (next to the password text box).  It performs regular functions of uploading, downloading, saving, deleting, and renaming files from the respective buttons on the main interface, as well as from options in the FTP, Local, Remote, transfers and View menus.


Unlike some other FTP clients, it provides the option to compress and decompress G-Zip, Zip and Bz2 files and create MD5 checksum from the Local menu. This makes it easy to decompress files while managing them from an FTP account. The MD5 checksum creation helps in creating a 128-bit value fingerprint for a file on the FTP server. Therefore, the MD5 checksum feature can be useful for file integrity control.

Verifying checksum

FOFF might not be as advanced as the widely used FileZilla, nonetheless, it has a more simplified interface with useful options such as file compression and decompression and MD5checksum creation.

Download Free Open FTP Face (FOFF)

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