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Get Important Reminders In Ubuntu Linux With Tea Time

Tea Time is a simple application for Ubuntu 11.04 users, which allows setting important desktop reminders. You can add a name for a specific task and set a time after which the reminder is to pop-up. Tea Time initiates a timer which counts backwards from the configured time to provide a system tray pop-up reminder. For example, you can set a 20 minute reminder for an important meeting, so that the pop-up message alerts you (after 20 mins) that it is now time for your meeting.

After launching Tea Time, add a reminder name on the left hand side text box and enter a time after which you wish to receive the reminder. Click Start Timer, to initiate the timer.


Once the set time (e.g. 10 minutes) is over, a pop-up message will alert you of the task from the system tray. Multiple reminders can also be added simultaneously by simply clicking over the empty area of the timer.


You can get Tea Timber from Rojtberg’s PPA at Launchpad from the download link given below.

Download Tea Timer


    • A bit late, I know, but now you can use Gnome Clocks for all the fancy timer stuff. And for events few days ahead you better take a look at calendar apps. 🙂

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