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Googlizer Searches Google For Text Copied To Clipboard [Ubuntu]

When using the Ubuntu Terminal or reading a text, PDF or Libre office document, one often comes across terms which are unheard of or require more elaboration for better understanding. Normally, one would copy these individual terms and launch a browser manually to search for them. A better alternative can be to copy the text to clipboard and launch Google search in a single click each time you require looking up a word, phrase or command. Googlizer is a Linux application which  has been designed to do just that. It does not have a GUI front end and merely requires being integrated with the Unity launcher to launch Google search for items saved to the clipboard. Furthermore, it also includes support for a command line option -u/–url, to select an alternative URL to search the clipboard text.

You can type Googlizer in the Ubuntu Software Center to install it or refer to the Launchpad link given at the end of this post. Once installed, an option will be provided to you to add it to the Unity launcher, click “Add to Launcher” or drag the Googlizer icon to Unity launcher (later on) to create a shortcut.

Ubuntu Software Center

To search clipboard text, click on the Googlizer icon to initiate the Google search. This will automatically launch your default browser with the searched term. This way, one can lookup a number of meaning from a specific document, the Terminal or a dialog box prompt (such as an error message) and search them instantly via Google in a semi-automated manner. Using Googlizer can help users to avoid cut and paste errors, a lot of mouse-clicking and time.


You can grab the latest Googlizer version from the Launchpad link given below, including the source package for Oneric.

Download Googlizer

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