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Guake Is A Tabbed Terminal Emulator With Hotkey Support

Guake is a drop-down Terminal for Linux operating systems, with multi-tab and hotkey support. It has repositories available for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and ArchLinux. The initial display is a transparent background, however, you can add colors of your choice to change the look of the text and Terminal background. Guake is not just an elegant Terminal emulator, but it also adds the convenience of using hotkeys and tabs to help perform numerous Terminal tasks.

Unity Launcher auto hides when Guake is functional. If you have disabled auto hide for your Unity launcher, then Guake will overlay on it. The initial transparent look seems quite elegant, however, if you are having problem due to your wallpaper, then you can change background color from Preferences (which can be accessed from the system tray).

The General tab allows disabling the system tray icon, as well as enabling pop-up notifications for Guake. You can also manage the main window height from the slider at the bottom of this tab. To disable the Guake Scroller, head over to the Scrolling tab. To change text and background color, go to the Appearance tab. You can add keyboard shortcuts, from the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and allocate custom hotkeys for preforming actions for toggling visibility, full screen view, new tab, close tab, copy, past and tab renaming.

Guake can be installed on Ubuntu and Debian by using the following Terminal command:

sudo apt-get install guake

You can also grab the Guake installer package from the developer’s website to install it on other Linux versions.

Download Guake


  1. Is the access to the preferences through that button with the down arrow next to Terminal 0?  Nothing seems to happen on my system – ubuntu 11.10

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