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How To Analyze Disk Usage In Ubuntu Linux

Your hard disk is one of the most important resource in your system and proper analyses of disks lets your system run smoothly. There are many disk analysis tools and most operating systems has some by default too. Ubuntu has a default tool for disk usage analyses, called Disk Usage Analyzer. It details all available and used disk space, you can scan local and remote disks and can also view scan results graphically for a more clear picture.

Using it is very simple, load it from Applications > Accessories > Disk Usage Analyzer.


On the Main page, it will show your total and consumed disk space.


Now, lets explore how we can scan disks or folder for disk usage analysis. You can scan your home directory by using Scan Home option, scan overall file system by using Scan Filesystem and scan Remote directory by using Scan Remote Folder option. Lets see following screenshot to get an idea of how it displays scan results.


To scan remote folder, click Scan Remote folder and enter FTP details for the remote location.


It is an easy-to-use tool and facilitates almost all basic operation regarding disk usage analysis. Enjoy!


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