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How To Change Logon Screen In Ubuntu 11.04

Tweaking with an operating system can be a lot of fun and therefore, multiple tools are frequently designed to apply interesting changes to an OS. We have previously covered many ways by which you can change Windows 7 logon screen such as with the use of Logon Screen Changer. In this post we will tell you how to change the Ubuntu logon screen in two easy steps.

To make change the Ubuntu logon screen, you must first install the Ubuntu Tweak application. You can download and install the Deb package from here. Once you have installed Ubuntu Tweak, head over to the Login Settings tab and select a login image.

Login Screen

Once the image is selected, you can log off to view your changes. Make sure that the selected image is an SVG or PNG and do not select an image until you are sure that you wish to replace it with your default logon screen image, as there is no confirmation button available and the Logon Screen is immediately switched when you select an image.

Login Screen Changed

It is also recommend to backup your system before tweaking with your Ubuntu OS to revert back to the changes (if required). If you would like to check out suitable backup tools for Ubuntu, then see out post about Deja Dup Backup and Back in Time.


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