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How To Configure Automatic Updates In Ubuntu Linux

If you are using Ubuntu, then by default Automatic Update will notify you about the latest updates available almost daily. If you want it to automatically update without notifying you or prevent future updates, you will need to configure it manually. Now, lets explore how can we customize the settings of Automatic Updates.

Load Software Sources dialogue box from  System > Administration > Software Source.


Now, go to Updates Tab. Here you can choose the type of updates you want, Important, Recommended, Pre-released, or Unsupported updates.


The default settings for checking updates is daily. You can change it to every 2 days, weekly, or every 2 weeks from Check for Updates option.


If you want it to automatically install these updates without notifying you,  check Install Security Updates without confirmation option. Download all updates in background option enables the download of update packages in background, in this way you won’t be disturbed while the update is taking place. Once you are done with settings, click Close to implement them.

For more, also check out, disabling automatic updates in Windows Vista. Enjoy!


  1. Automatic updating does not work in Hardy 8.04 on my computers. Is there another way to get it update automatically so I do not have to do it every day or so?

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