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How To Create A Drop-Down Launcher For Commonly Used Applications In Ubuntu

If you want to place all your favorite applications on the desktop then I am sure that your desktop will soon become cluttered. Drawer is a free application for Ubuntu that store files and applications in a drop-down menu. Its very easy to add Drawer to your Ubuntu’s Panel, once it has been added then you may easily add any items to it. All of these added items can be later launched quickly from the drop-down menu.

To add the Drawer, right click the Panel and choose the  Add To Panel option.

Add To Panel

Then from the list of applications, choose  Drawer.


Now Click the Add button to add it to the Panel.

Drawer Panel

In order to add the applications to the Drawer, right click it and choose the Add to Drawer option.

Add To DrawerNow from the list of available options, select the Custom Applications Launcher option.

Custome App Launcher

Click the Add button and a new window will be displayed, here you will specify which application you want to add to the Drawer. Specify the Application Name and Command, then add additional comments and hit OK, as a result the particular application will be added to Drawer.

Add Thunderbird

As you can see from the screenshot below, all apps can now be quickly launched from the Drawer drop-down menu.

Drawer List


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