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How To Create Totem Unity Quicklist In Ubuntu Linux

Totem is a GStreamer based media player for the Gnome desktop and comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. One of the features that Totem has lacked since the inception of the Unity launcher is a quicklist. As we all know quicklists provide easy access to major features of an application which is integrated with the Unity launcher. Not having a Unity quicklist has been bit of a short coming for Totem. However, that has now changed. A third-part developer has created a Unity quicklist for Totem which provides Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute options. This option makes it handy to run Totem functions right from the Unity Launcher by right-clicking on the Totem icon.

To get started, download The Quicklist from the download link given at the end of this post and extract the contents of the archive. Once done, double click on the SH file and select Run in Terminal option.

Run in Terminal

This will add a Unity launcher quicklist for the Totem player. In other words, you can right click on the Totem icon from within the Unity launcher to perform functions such as Play/Pause, Volume Control, etc.

Quick List

We tested this quicklist in Ubuntu 11.10 beta and it is also compatible with previous Ubuntu versions such as Ubuntu 11.04.

Download Totem Quicklist (Direct link because the developer has not yet created a product page for this nifty app)

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