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How To Enable Control Center In Ubuntu Linux

As a computer user you will be definitely familiar with the Window’s Control Panel, its a central point to manage many system utilities and system settings. Ubuntu also includes a similar central control point, but its named the control center. Strangely, it is not enabled by default, you will need to make some changes to enable it. Go through the following simple steps to enable it.

First of all right click on the main menu and choose Edit Menus.

Edit Menu

The Main Menu properties box will be displayed, now in the left side pane, navigate to the System option. Click it and check the Control Center option in the main window. The following screenshot will clarify my point.

Enable Control Center

Once you have checked the Control Center option, click the Close button. The Control Center will be enabled, now you may launch it from Systems > Control Center.

Control Center

The Control Center is a one window stop that will allow you to easily manage settings such as, Hardware, Internet, Network, and Appearance settings of your Ubuntu. Enjoy!

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  • i like it .. 🙂

  • Maj

    All of these icons are available on the Preferences and System menus.

    I don’t think adding a step to the process makes things easier.