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How To Hide Partition Icons On Ubuntu Desktop

Whenever Ubuntu is installed, the icons for all the mounted partitions show up on your desktop. They actually help to easily navigate through the file system, but if you don’t want them to be displayed in order to keep your desktop neat and tidy, then let me share an easy way to get rid of them. There is a small modification required in the Gnome’s configuration.

Let see how partition’s icons show on the desktop, I have only one partition setup for ubuntu, so here is the look of my desktop.

Partition Icon

A simple way to launch the Gnome configuration editor is to open the Run Application dialogue box by pressing  Alt + F2 and then type  gconf-editor in the box and click the Run button.

Run Application

Now, navigate in the left side pane and browse to  apps->nautilus->desktop. It will launch all the available options for the particular category. Now in the main window, simply locate the volumes_visible option. Uncheck it and the partition icons on your Ubuntu desktop will disappear.  Later on, if required you may check it to make the partition icons visible.

Remove partition icons

Here is how my desktop looks after this change.

Without Partition Icon


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