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How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 11.04

The Ubuntu developers are rapidly moving forward with the Ubuntu 11 project. The Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 release is now available as an Ubuntu upgrade. It is an initial release to give common users and open source developers a taste of the final product which will be released in April 2011. In this post we will tell you how to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04.

To start the upgrading process, Press ALT+F2, type update-manager –d and click Run.

Step 1

This will open the Update Manager where a message will be visible explaining that the New Ubuntu 11.04 is available as an upgrade. Click Upgrade to continue.

Step 2

Before you can continue further, you will be provided with the Ubuntu release notes. The release notes clearly state that this is an Alpha release and should not be installed on production machines. Click Upgrade to continue.

Step 3

Shortly after continuing, you will be prompted to enter your password, after which the upgrade process will proceed further.

Step 6

During the upgrade process, the unsupported packages will have to be removed. For that a prompt will appear with a list of the packages that will be removed during the upgrading process. Click Start Upgrade to continue.

Step 7

After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

Step 10

This will upgrade your system to Ubuntu 11.04. In case you would like to confirm the version of your Ubuntu machine, open a Terminal from Applications –> Accessories and enter the following command:

lsb_release -a

Step 11

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  • maxim

    nice article to ubuntu noobs 😀

  • Chand

    Thanks mate. .. have to upgrade to 10.10 and then 11.04.. I wish I could upgrade directly to 11.04.. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  • azmaeel

    hey mate update-manager –d instead update-manage –d 😉

    • Thanks Azmaeel.

      Typo has been corrected.

  • Brad

    Attempting to upgrade. Lost everything. The upgrade had a problem and hung with 29 minutes left based on an issue with fonts. Be careful, people, Ubuntu is free indeed, but there IS a price to pay!! I am on my lifeboat laptop right now, but super pissed because I have lost all my work from grad school on my desktop because of this buggy upgrade. BACKUP YOUR DATA!!!!!!!

  • Peter

    How do I remove this upgrade? I want to go back to my old version

  • sasikumar

    Thanks u so much..