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Install and Use KDE 4 In Ubuntu Linux [Review]

KDE 4 is a free desktop environment for Linux/Unix based systems. It offers graphically rich applications and various easy-to-use desktop features and applications. Although, default Ubuntu desktop environment GNOME is pretty straightforward, but if you want enhanced features in your desktop software, then you should definitely give KDE a try. To install it, run the following command in terminal.

apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

It will take some time to install because KDE has a large number of packages. Once its done, you will need to configure KDM as your default environment, you can set this by running the following command in terminal.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm

To enter into KDE 4, reboot your machine and at the bottom-left side of the login screen(where you are asked for login),  you will find a button to select the environment. Click this button and you will see multiple options, among them will be KDE and GNOME. Select KDE,  enter your login details, and enjoy the features of this new environment.


Now lets explore KDE 4 a little more, click start menu and you will see different tabs like  Applications, Computer, Favorites, Recently Used, and Leave.


Applications contains all the applications which are installed in your machine. They are properly categorized, and if you are unable to find some application, you can always use the search field to search for a specific application.


Recently Used contains recently used programs so that you may launch them quickly if needed.


At the top-right corner you will find an icon to add widget and change you appearance settings.


There are many other eye-candy and useful features of KDE 4 that we haven’t covered in this post. Mostly they contain very useful set of applications for home and office use. Enjoy!

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