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Install and Use Lynx Browser on Ubuntu

Lynx is a popular terminal based web browser on all flavors of Linux. Lynx displays plain ASCII text on your terminal, it does not displays any images or multimedia contents. Lynx loads web pages at command line (Terminal). Since it does not load images and flash material , so it is fast as compared to other browsers. You can navigate to different links of the web page by using arrow keys. Internet user with low system spec or compatibility issues prefer to use lynx.

Software testers use lynx to test web pages for accessibility issues. Also some people do not like so many images and flash material on the web pages, they prefer using lynx. Lynx does not come by default with Ubuntu, you will need to install this. By typing a simple command in Terminal it will install lynx on your Ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get install lynx

To load some web page in lynx browser, you will need to enter the following syntax in terminal.

lynx <the desired url>

i.e. if you want to load google.com, then use :

lynx google.com

Here is how google.com will look in your terminl.


Up arrow, Down arrow and Tab keys are used to navigate to different links in a web page. You can get run time help about lynx by running “man lynx” command on your termainal. Enjoy!

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