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Install And Use Mplayer In Ubuntu Linux

Mplayer is a free, easy-to-use movie player. It supports almost all media formats. Its very first release was only for Linux based systems, although now it works with all major operating systems like Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS. To install Mplayer on Ubuntu Linux, type the following command in terminal.

audo apt-get install mplayer

Once the installation is complete, you can load it from Applications > Sounds & Videos > MPlayer Movie Player.


It looks like as shown in following screenshot.


You can open media files by clicking Open icon in Mplayer tool bar, and then browse your directory structure and select the file you want to open with Mplayer.

Further you can perform general operations like pause, play, move forward and move backward from Mplayer’s tool bar. There are also lots of keyboard options which you can use while watching movies. You can use UP and DOWN arrow key to move forward and back ward respectively, you can also use HOME and END key to go to first and last file in playlist respectively. You can get full details of these hotkeys by typing “man mplayer” (without quotes) command in your terminal. Enjoy!

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