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Install And Use PCMan File Manager In Ubuntu Linux

As you all know that Nautilus is the default file manager for Ubuntu and offers a large number of features, but sadly it consumes lots of resources and is considered to be a resource hungry application. If you are not using all features of Nautilus then you can give PCMan a try. It is extremely small and fast file manager that supports Tabbed Browsing and some other basic features like Thumbnail view , Drag and Drop support, etc.

Lets explore how can install and use it in Ubuntu, open Terminal and type following command.
sudo apt-get install pcmanfm

It will hardly take couple of minutes to install. Once installation is complete you can launch it from Applications > System Tools > PCMan File Manager.


Here is the screenshot showing the main interface when browning directory structure.


You can find some common file manager’s option like New Window, New Tab, Create New Document, etc from File menu.


The Tool menu lets you provides features to Open Terminal, Find Files and Open Current Folder as Root etc.


PCMan file manager is quite an easy-to-use file manager due to it’s simplicity. It has gained quite a popularity over the passage of time because of its robust and simple interface. Enjoy!

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