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Install And Use Picasa In Ubuntu Linux

Picasa is a free tool offered by Google to organize, edit, and share photos. You can manage, crop and add description to your photos. Further, it also offers the facility to upload your organized photos to Picasa Web Albums. It is one of the most popular desktop photo organizing tool available today.

To install it in Ubuntu, first download it from it from its official site.


Once download is complete, run the following command in Terminal.

dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb

It will be installed instantly. Now, you can load it from Applications > Graphics > Picasa> Picasa.


It gets launched in almost no time, check out the loading window below.


Here is screenshot of main window of Picasa.

sample-picasaYou can add Photo Albums from the left sidebar. Click at any folder and it’s photos will be displayed on the main window. Now, you can make it more meaningful by using Add a description option.

Now, lets explore how we can upload these photo’s to Picasa Web Album. Its pretty easy, just click Upload located in the bottom window and enter your Google account login details to save these images in Web Album.


Now, feel free to share these photo with your family and friends. Enjoy!

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  • Vadim P.

    You can double-click just as well. No need for terminal commands 😉