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How to install Linux Lite

Linux Lite is a unique take on Ubuntu. It takes what’s great about Ubuntu and fits it into a “lite” package. The desktop of choice that Linux Lite comes with is XFCE4, a notoriously fast desktop that works very well on computers with very little CPU power or system memory. In this guide, we will walk you through how to get Linux Lite working.

Downloading Linux Lite ISO

The first step in getting Linux Lite working is to download the latest ISO release file from the official website. Head over to the Linux Lite website. Then, locate the “Download” button, and hover over it with the mouse to reveal the options in the menu.

Inside of the menu, click on “Download” to go to the Linux Lite download page on the website. From there, click on the “Download 64bit” button to instantly start the download. Alternatively, if you have a torrent client installed, grab it by clicking on “Torrent Link.”

Or, if you’re downloading Linux Lite on a Linux PC, open up a terminal window and use the wget command in a terminal to download the ISO file directly.

wget https://osdn.net/dl/linuxlite/linux-lite-4.8-64bit.iso -O ~/Downloads/linux-lite-4.8-64bit.iso

UEFI Linux Lite

Generally, the traditional Linux Lite release should work on almost any PC or Mac, as Linux Lite is built upon Ubuntu, a reliable, tested base. However, if you need a special UEFI release of Linux Lite, please read this forum post. It goes over how to get your hands on it.

Making Linux Lite live USB

After downloading the Linux Lite ISO file from the official website, it is time to create a new Linux Lite live USB, so that the operating system can be installed on a desktop PC or laptop. To create a live USB, start by downloading the Etcher USB tool here.

Note: while there are other USB flashing tools out there, we choose to use Etcher in this guide as it has the same UI on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Once the Etcher app is done downloading, install it on the PC you plan to create your Linux Lite live USB on and open it up. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to make a live USB.

Step 1: Find the blue “Select image” button inside of Etcher, and click on it with the mouse to bring up the open-file dialog box. From there, use the UI to select the Linux Lite ISO file.

Step 2: Find the “Select drive” button and click on it with the mouse to reveal the drive chooser UI. Use this UI to select the flash drive you wish to turn into a Linux Live USB.

Step 3: Click the “Flash!” button to being the flashing process. Be patient; this could take a while!

When the Etcher app finishes, it will validate the live USB and determine if the process was successful. After that, reboot your PC into the BIOS and configure it to load from the Linux Lite USB.

Installing Linux Lite

Now that the Linux Lite live USB has loaded up on the computer, you will see a desktop environment. In this desktop environment, there are several different icons. Locate the “Install Linux Lite” icon and double-click on it to launch the Linux Lite installer. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: When the Linux Lite installer launches, you will see a screen that says, “You may wish to read the release notes.” Click on the “release notes” link to read them. Otherwise, click the “Continue” button to move on.

Step 2: You must now select your keyboard layout. Look through the list of available keyboard layout options and choose the one that suits you best. Or, click the “Detect Keyboard Layout” button to find the one that matches your keyboard automatically. When done choosing a layout, click “Continue.”

Step 3: Following the keyboard layout page, you will see the “Updates and other software” page. On this page, there are two check-boxes. They are “Download updates while installing Linux” and “Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats.” Check both boxes and click “Continue” to move on.

Step 4: After “Updates and other software,” you will make it to the “Installation type” page. From here, choose how Linux Lite will be installed.

To dual-boot with Windows or another operating system, check the “Install Linux alongside” option. To install Linux Lite only, select the “Erase disk and install Linux” option.

Click “Install Now” when you’ve made your “installation type” selection.

Step 5: Upon clicking “Install Now,” you will be asked to select where you live. Using the mouse, click on the map to tell Linux Lite your location. It will use this information to set the clock on your computer. Click “Continue” to move on after making your selection.

Step 6: After “Where are you,” you will see the “Who are you” page. On this page, set up your username, password, and computer name. Be sure to check the “Log in automatically” box if you want to log in automatically to Linux Lite. When done, click “Continue.”

Once you’ve set up your username, Linux Lite will install the operating system on your PC. Sit back and be patient. When the installation is done, a message will appear on the screen.

After the installation, click the “reboot” button to load up your new installation of Linux Lite!

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