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Manage Files And View Stats For Ubuntu One Using Magicicada

As we all know that Ubuntu One is a Dropbox like cloud storage service with applications for Ubuntu, Android and iPhone users. Magicicada is a GTK+ frontend for Ubuntu One to help you manage the file synchronization of the Ubuntu One cloud storage service, effortlessly. It displays synchronization stats in real time for Ubuntu One  files. Moreover, users can also view information about their shared files/folders and their meta data. Since this functionality is not available in the default Ubuntu One GUI, Magicicada provides Ubuntu users with in-depth information about their shared content instead of having to visit the Ubuntu One website to login and view their file sharing stats.

Once Magicicada is installed, login with your Ubuntu One account and click Connect. This will allow you to instantly view stats for files which may be in queue and the ones which have been uploaded.


Users can also check out information about folders which might have been shared with them or by them, metadata information, their public files and Ubuntu One folders, from toolbar.


You can install Magicicada either from the Launchpad package or by entering the below command in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install magicicada

Download Magicicada

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