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Mendeley: View/Sync PDF Files, Research & Collaborate With Friends

Mendeley is an open source and cross-platform PDF organizer, which provides options for easy document management. It allows easy reference management to help you organize your work, collaborate with friends, and to obtain latest research (via its social network). It automatically generates bibliographies, makes it possible to collaborate with others, import data, sync and access your papers from anywhere (via the internet), and more. It requires users to store all basic data on Mendeley servers, which enables accessing copies of the data any time.

At first run, users are required to either login or sign up for a free Mendeley account and get 500 MB of free storage space, which is sufficient for storing a lot of PDF documents. The credentials of this account are used to synchronize data with Mendeley servers, which is then accessible via the internet and Mendeley application (available for mobile and desktop platforms).

Sign up

You can drag and drop PDF documents to open them with the Mendeley viewer. The options on the top toolbar allow users to pan, highlight text, add notes, copy/paste data, rotate (right/left), zoom (in/out), email and sync the document. All opened documents are opened in convenient tabs.


It must be noted that Mendeley is also a social network, and therefore, the collaboration can be extended to a lot of Mendeley users for seeking help and managing your research. You can even share bibliographies with your colleagues through a private group, and any member can add or edit a cited reference. Mendeley has clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iPhone. Additionally, you can also login to the Mendeley website to research and collaborate with other members. Furthermore, you can also invite friends to add them to your Mendeley network. You can download Mendeley for various platforms from the link given below.

Download Mendeley

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