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Qimo – Linux Operating System For Kids

Do you love Linux OS and are afraid that your kids might end up loving Mac or Windows? Do you want your kids to learn and live in an opensource world? If yes, then Qimo is here to help you.

Qimo is designed for children over the age of 3 and is based completely on Ubuntu Linux. What makes it children friendly are the large cartoon-like icons on the desktop and the easy-to-use interface. It contains bundled with plenty of educational programs and games for children.


Qimo Linux can be run from Live CD, just like you run Ubuntu. It is made specifically for home use and not for networked classroom computers. The main purpose of this OS is to help children learn about computers from the very early age. It requires a minimum of 256MB of memory to run from Live CD. Enjoy!

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  • Ed

    How does one install Quino as a dual-boot OS on a machine with Windows XP?

    • Bill Barmettler

      Qimo is based on Ubuntu. The installer is Ubuntu’s. There are thousands of posts at Ubuntu Forums and elsewhere describing dual-boot. Basically, any directions for dual-booting Ubuntu are directions for dual-booting Qimo.