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Quickly Search And Open Files, Programs And URLs In Ubuntu With Kupfer

Type Criteria

Kupfer is a Linux application that speeds up searching for programs, files and saved website URLs. It is quite similar to Quicksilver and Gnome Do and merely requires typing the name (usually first letter) of the desired file, program ,etc to display a search result. However, it is more than just a searching tool and can be enhanced by using add-ons.

After launching Kupfer, type a criteria to begin the search. This application will normally display an accurate result by typing the first few letters of the desired component. However, in case there are many items available in the search criteria with similar spellings, then it will display a drop down menu and continue to reduce the searched items until the entire name is spelled and the required object found.


Kupfer automatically displays any saved URL if it matches the typed criteria.


Some add-ons are available from the Ubuntu software center for this application (e.g. Python binding for nautilus components). According to the developer “plugins can be written quickly without too much programming” for this application. It was tested on Ubuntu 10.10

Download Kupfer

[Via minimal linux]


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