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Scribes Is Ubuntu Text Editor With 70+ Programming Language Support

Scribes is an open source text editor for Linux based operating systems which has been designed to streamline the workflow of developers. It automates common and repetitive operations by providing hotkey support for indentation, paragraph management, line, word/paragraph selection, option to toggle letter cases, etc. Scribes supports more than 70 programming languages, inlcuding, HTML, Java XML, PHP, SQL, VB.Net, SH, RPM Spec, Python, Prolog, Perl,Pascal, Ruby, gtk-dic, FCL, Open GL Shading Language, C, C# and so on. Other features include, support for remote editing via FTP, SFTP, SSH, Samba, WebDav, automatic word correction, completion and pairing, document switcher, automatic indentation and a skinable interface.

Scribes comes with an auto hide toolbar and a grey default theme. You can search document text by simply typing for words or expressions. The search can be performed according to regular expressions and by find as you type functionality. Other options in the toolbar provide similar functions that one would expect in a feature rich text editor such as syntax highlighting, theme selection, auto replace editing, printing and other verbose options.


You can change the default theme and access the Theme Selector, Template Editor, auto Replace Editor and Advanced Configurations ( to change text selection color) from drop-down list button present next to Preferences in toolbar.

theme Selector

The right-click context menu contains a great deal of advanced options such as paragraph selection (previous, next, and reflow), text case changing (title case, toggle case and swap case), indentation, line editing, spacing, input method and insertion options. Each function contains a hotkey listed next to it which makes it easy to quickly perform important tasks. For example, you can toggle text case by using the ALT+U hotkey.


Document formats can be changed from Preferences. The Document Type menu contains the list of more than 70 supported document formats. You can also change tab width and font, enable text wrapping, right margin and spell checking.


Ubuntu users can install Scribes from the Ubuntu Software Center, from the developers website (link given below) or by by entering the following commands in the Terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mystilleef/scribes-dailysudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install scribes

Download Scribes


  1. Scribes is a train wreck. Sorry. I have been working in medit, which has no Zen coding support, which sucks. If a developer or a noob can’t open a text editor and immediately start working and never look back, it is a total waste of time. Notepad++, and the fact that my keyboard locks up all the time on Ubuntu 64bit have me wishing I was on Windows 7 right now.

  2. I can’t imagine the advantages this offers over gedit being worth the one major disadvantage – the lack of tabs for multiple files. Who seriously has one class open at a time when programming? That’s crazily inefficient and Scribes’ “document management” system creates a separate window for each document which creates loads of unnecessary clutter.

  3. It’s amazing editor. I always wanted something minimalistic for linux for code writing. There are simple editors but without syntax highlighting, code completions, zen coding, templating.
    I am just impressed. Thanks for this article.

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