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Simple Tip To Keep Your Ubuntu System Clean

If you are an geeky user who keeps installing various software and updates then with the passage of time you will feel that your system is messed up. Ubucleaner is a shell script which lets you clean your Ubuntu system by removing the following:

  • apt cache
  • Config file for Uninstalled .deb packages
  • Unused Kernels

First lets discuss the different items which this script removes.

APT Cache

APT is the package management tool which is used to install/upgrade and remove packages in your Ubuntu system. If you use it often then it’s cache consumes a lot of space. By removing the apt cache you get plenty of free space.

Config Files For Uninstalled .Deb packages

Suppose you downloaded a package for any software and it did not work. Many users forget to delete such packages. The Ubucleaner takes care of such packages and throws them out of the system.

Unused Kernel

There could be more than one kernel present in your system at the same time. But only one will be functional. This script gets rid of all unused kernels to free up system space and keep your system neat and clean.

How To Use The Ubucleaner

Its very simple, open the terminal and run the following two commands sequentially:

wget http://www.opendesktop.org/CONTENT/content-files/71529-ubucleaner.sh

sudo chmod +x 71529-ubucleaner.sh

That’s it, now run the script with the following command and it will take care of all the things mentioned above:

sh 71529-ubucleaner.sh


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  • Panix

    Does your script remove also data inside trash? It seems..

    • Yes it does…

  • bpollen

    The same function is also available in Ubuntu Tweak…

  • Casper

    The last command should read:

    sudo sh 71529-ubucleaner.sh as you will need root rights to execute

    • anto

      Thanks Casper you script worked!

  • Christopher W.

    Also, you need to move the script over to /usr/bin : sudo mv ~/71529-ubucleaner.sh /usr/bin/71529-ubucleaner.sh