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Super Flexible File Synchronizer: Backup Linux Files With FTP, Amazon S3, Google Docs etc

Super Flexible File Synchronizer is a cloud based backup and synchronization service, capable of supporting FTP, Amazon S3, SSH, WebDAV and Google Docs. Super Flexible File Synchronizer allows setting up different jobs to run manually, or to schedule them for syncing data between local directories or cloud based servers. It provides many synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Mirror and SmartTracking. While Super Flexible File Synchronizer works on a number of platforms, only the Linux version of it’s (client) application is available for free.

Once the Super Flexible File Synchronizer client is launched, it provides three options to either synchronize/backup data, edit/run saved profiles or run several profiles.

Super flexible

If you choose to select the backup or synchronization path, you can either select the local directories or click the Web icon to specify a cloud based server for data backup or synchronization. Both the source and destination locations will have to be specified.

Step 2

In the following steps, you will be asked to select sync direction and sub folders, sync modes (Standard Copying, Smart Tracking or Exact Mirror), select a profile and sync or backup your data. Before you sync or backup files, the entire file data can be obtained from a preview log.


Ubuntu users can download and run the Super Flexible File Synchronizer client after downloading and extracting the compressed TAR file.

Download Super Flexible File Synchronizer

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  • Rickey Jones

    Thank you so much for being so detailed in your approach the screenshots are really very helpful