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How to tweet from the Plasma desktop with Choqok

Twitter is pretty popular these days, and many people use the site to keep track of current events, celebrities, and other interests. However, the Twitter website is clunky, slow, and not the best to use on a PC.

If you’re a Linux user and you love to use Twitter, there’s a better way. Introducing Choqok, a fast, easy to use Twitter client that is built for the Linux platform. Here’s how to get it working on your system.

Installing Choqok on Linux

Getting the Choqok Twitter client up and running on your Linux PC should be easy. Why? The app is a part of the KDE project, and as a result, is distributed in nearly every Linux operating system that also has the KDE Plasma desktop available.

To get Choqok installed on your Linux PC, open up a terminal window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + Shift + T on the keyboard. Then, follow the command-line installation instructions outlined below that corresponds with the OS you use.


The Choqok app is installable on Ubuntu from the “Universe” software repository. However, not all Ubuntu users have the “Universe” repo enabled. To enable it, enter the following add-apt-repository command below.

sudo add-apt-repository universe

Use the update command to refresh Ubuntu’s software sources. This command will make it possible to access “Universe” on Ubuntu.

sudo apt update

With the “Universe” software repository working, install the Choqok Twitter client on your Linux PC.

sudo apt install choqok


Using Debian Linux? You can install Choqok with the apt-get command below.

sudo apt-get install choqok

Arch Linux

Arch Linux users will be able to install the Choqok Twitter client with the pacman command in a terminal.

sudo pacman -S choqok


Fedora Linux users can quickly install Choqok with the dnf command in the terminal.

sudo dnf install choqok


On OpenSUSE, you’ll be able to install Choqok with the zypper command below.

sudo zypper install choqok

Generic Linux

Looking to get the Choqok app working on a distribution not covered in this guide, you will need to download the source code and compile it yourself. To get your hands on the source code, go to the Choqok page on the KDE Apps website.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to compile the app from the source code, try your hand at searching for “choqok” in your package manager and install it the way you typically install apps.

Logging in to Choqok

Before you can experience twitter in Choqok, you must log in with your Twitter account. To log in, start by opening Choqok from the app menu on the Linux desktop. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: With Choqok open, a message will appear on your screen. This message says, “In order to use Choqok, you need an account at one of the supported micro-blogging services. Would you like to add your account now?”

Click on the “Yes” button to continue.

Step 2: Upon clicking “Yes,” the Choqok configuration window will appear. In this configuration window, locate the “Accounts” icon and click on it to access account settings.

Step 3: In the “Accounts” area, find the “+Add” button and click on it with the mouse. Upon doing so, you will see a sub-menu. In this sub-menu, locate “Twitter” and select it.

Step 4: By clicking on “Twitter,” you will see “Add New Account.” Click on the “Authenticate with Twitter Service” button.

By clicking on “Authenticate with Twitter Service,” a Twitter login page will appear in your default browser. Use it to log into your Twitter account. Press “OK” in the “Add New Account” window when done.

Posting tweets with Choqok

To post a tweet with Choqok from the Linux desktop, open up the Choqok client UI by clicking on the bird icon in your system tray. Then, find the text box under “More” and click on it with the mouse.

Using the keys on the keyboard, type out your tweet. As you type, a green number will start counting down, letting you know that the character limit is nearing its max (280 characters).

When done typing out your tweet in the Choqok client, press the Enter key to post it to your account.

Sending private messages with Choqok

Along with sending tweets, Choqok can also interact with Twitter’s private message system. Here’s how to do it.

First, find the “More” button and click on it to reveal its options. Then, click on the “Send private message” button.

After clicking on the “Send private message”  button, a “Send Private Message” window will appear. Locate the “To” drop-down menu and select it.

Upon selecting the “To” drop-down menu, you will see a list of people your Twitter account is following. Select the person you want to send a message to on the list. Then, write out the message in the text box, and click “Send” to send it to them.

To access all existing private messages, click on the message icon in the sidebar.

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