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How to upgrade to Pop_OS 20.04

System76 has released a new version of Pop_OS! It’s based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) and comes with loads of new features, such as built-in window tiling, better workspaces, revamped keyboard navigation, and much more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade your existing release of Pop_OS to the new 20.04 release!

Note: upgrading to Pop_OS 20.04 should go smoothly, and System76 does an excellent job ensuring their operating system is as stable as possible. That said, accidents can happen. For this reason, we highly recommend creating a backup of your Pop_OS machine before attempting to upgrade.

Upgrading to Pop_OS 20.04

By far the easiest way to upgrade to Pop_OS 20.04 is through their built-in upgrader tool. Why? It takes a lot of hard work out of upgrading to a new release of the operating system, and the built-in upgrader tool takes the hard work out of the equation by walking through it and making everything simple. To start the upgrading process, find the “Activities” menu, and click on it with the mouse. Or, press Win on the keyboard to open it.

Inside of the “Activities” area, type in the word “upgrade” into the search box. When you type in “Upgrade,” you’ll see “OS Upgrade” appear in the search results. Click on the “OS Upgrade” item in the search results to access Pop_OS’s upgrading tool.

Inside of Pop_OS’s upgrade tool, you will see “Pop!_OS 20.04 is available,” followed by a green “Download” button. Click on the green download button with your mouse to start downloading the new release of the operating system.

Downloading the new release of Pop_OS can take quite a long time. Sit back and allow the downloading process to go on. It should not take more than 20 minutes. If you have a slow internet connection, the download could take slightly longer.

When the download process is complete, Pop_OS will have grabbed all of the stuff it needs to install the 20.04 upgrade. Select the green “Upgrade” button with the mouse to install the upgrades.

Upon clicking on the green “Upgrade” button, you will see a pop-up window. This pop-up window outlines all of the various new features included in the new 20.04 upgrade. To read about all of the new features included, click on the scrollbar on the right-hand side.

Once you’ve finished reading about all of the new features that are in the new 20.04 Pop_OS upgrade, locate the red  “Reboot & Upgrade” button, and click on it with the mouse.

When you reboot Pop_OS by clicking “Reboot & Upgrade,” you will be greeted with a brown screen and a Pop_OS logo. Under the logo, you’ll see text that says “Installing Updates.” Sit back, be patient, and allow the upgrades to install. They will take at least 20-30 minutes to complete!

After Pop_OS finishes installing the 20.04 upgrades to your computer, it will reboot again. When the rebooting process is complete, log into the computer, and you’ll be using the latest Pop_OS! Enjoy!

Get a fresh install of Pop_OS 20.04

If you want to get your hands on Pop_OS 20.04, yet do not wish to upgrade your existing computer, don’t worry! It is possible to download the 20.04 release directly from the developer’s website.

To get your hands on Pop_OS 20.04 to perform a fresh installation, do the following. First, head over to pop.system76.com. Once you’re there, locate the “Download” button, and select it with the mouse.

By clicking on “Download” on the Pop_OS website, a window will appear. In this window, you will see several different download options. If you’re running a System76 computer that uses Nvidia graphics, click on the “Download (Nvidia) option. If you use Intel/AMD, select the “Download (Intel/AMD) option.

Don’t own a System76 computer yet still use Pop_OS because you like the craftsmanship and features that go into the operating system? Grab the Intel/AMD release if you’re unsure. Or, the Nvidia one if you know you need Nvidia support.

Creating installation media for a fresh Pop_OS 20.04 install

There are many different ways to create installation media for Linux operating systems. However, the people behind Pop_OS 20.04 have their own instructions on how to do it.

To learn how to create Pop_OS installation media, click on the “Learn how to create installation media” link at the bottom of the pop-up download window that appears on the Pop_OS website and follow along with the in-depth tutorial they provide to get your installation media created.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of the Pop_OS instructions, head over to this guide to learn how to create a Linux USB installation medium.

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