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Watch Hulu On Your Desktop Using Boxee In Ubuntu Linux

Hulu offers streaming videos of TV shows and movies online for free. It has a desktop application for both Windows and Macs. The videos are currently offered to users in United States only. Sadly, there is no official desktop application available for Linux users. But you can still watch Hulu on your Ubuntu Linux desktop by using Boxee. For those who don’t know, it is a social media center that offers Hulu along with many other channels to be watched for free. It has a robust interface where you can enjoy various TV Shows, Movies, and Music.

To install Boxee you will have to first register with them. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email containing your login details. Now to install Boxee on Ubuntu, follow the below steps:

Go to  System > Administration > Software Sources.

Next select “Third-Party Software” Tab and click  “Add”.


Enter “deb http://apt.boxee.tv jaunty main” in the APT box and click “Add Sources”.


Now open Terminal and enter the following command to install Boxee.

apt-get install boxee

Once the process is complete, you can load Boxee from Applications > Sound & Video > Boxee.


Boxee will prompt for user name and password. Use login details which you received via email.


Once you are logged in, click at Boxee on the left sidebar and navigate to Videos > Internet.


From the list of channels, click on Hulu Feed as shown in the screenshot below.

hulu-on-boxeeNow once the loading is complete, you will find all TV Show and Movies on Hulu. You can browse by alphabets, popular episodes, popular clips, recently added, etc. There is also a build-in Hulu search option.


That’s all. Remember that this feature is not available for those living outside US, but you can access channels other than Hulu. Enjoy!

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  • Eden Vladia

    This guide is great. Only one minor correction to make though. When you say to type in a terminal “apt-get install boxee” you should include sudo in front of it so it’s “sudo apt-get install boxee” otherwise it’ll just give you an error and won’t install.

    Other than that thanks so much for this guide, very clear and helpful.

  • magnus686

    if you are already root, (as you should be when you are installing stuff) you do not have to type “sudo”

    • Ace891

      You should never ever be root unless it is absolutely necessary. Installing using sudo is much safer because you are only allowing the one program to run with root privileges. If you are in root, any viruses (and yes, contrary to popular belief, there ARE Linux viruses) can run with full access during that time. Any expert will recommend sudo over actually logging in as root unless that method doesn’t work.

  • Dave

    I followed your directions, but when I go to install boxee, I get this error message:

    >>>>Reading package lists… Done
    >>>>Building dependency tree
    >>>>Reading state information… Done
    >>>>E: Couldn’t find package boxee

    Any idea why I can’t find the packages for boxee?

    • Dave

      Never mind… I had not updated my package manager after I added deb http://apt.boxee.tv jaunty main

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  • Sion

    this thread solved my problems installing in karmic

  • Sion

    this thread solved my problems installing in karmic

  • Sion

    this thread solved my problems installing in karmic

  • RED37

    What’s the point? You don’t need anything except a browser to watch Hulu stuff on Linux.