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Do Phones Have IP Addresses?

Have you ever wondered if your phone has an IP address, or how exactly to access it? Maybe you’re curious whether it’s possible for other internet users to connect to your IP address. All these questions and more will be answered below.

What is an IP address?

First things first, let’s get a good understanding of what an IP address is. The abbreviation “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol”, while the address itself is a string of unique numbers. IP address is the special set of numbers given to any device connected to the internet, in order to enable the device to communicate with websites and other devices.

Similar to other devices connected to the internet, your phone has an IP address that enables websites to send messages to your device as well as tells other devices how to find you. For instance, when you go online to chat or shop, your message needs to be sent to the desired target, and the response needs to come back to you directly. Your IP address helps your device to successfully carry out this task.

Your IP address is usually assigned automatically by your internet provider, and you might not ever need to change it. Some individuals do not pay much attention to their IP addresses as it changes constantly.

Private versus public IP address

All devices connected to the internet have two IP addresses: private address and public address. The public address is what Wi-Fi uses at home. This address is referred to as public because other devices and computers around you are connected to this address to create a local network. Your public IP address is pretty much the same whether you’re using your phone, laptop, or desktop computer at home.

Know that if you are in a restaurant down the road your home IP address does not go with you; it will change because away from home you will be using a different network to connect to the internet.

Unlike the public address, a private IP address allows only one device to have a certain address on a particular network, although the same address can be used by another device that must be connected to a different network.

How to find your IP address

Interested to know exactly what your IP address is? You can figure this out pretty easily. When you check your IP address, you will either see an IPv4 or an IPv6. IPv4 addresses are usually shorter and limited in distribution compared to IPv6 addresses. To access your Android phone’s IP address, follow these tips:

  1. Go to Settings. on the Wireless & Network section
  2. Click on Wi-Fi or WLAN and select your own Wi-Fi connection. (Ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network)
  3. Click on the three dots at the top right corner
  4. Select the Advanced option

You should find your IP address and some other information about your network here. The IP address is usually at the bottom of the page. Read the guide explaining what an ip address is

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