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How Much Does a VPN Cost?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is what allows a secure connection to the internet. All the information accessed online using a VPN is encrypted for privacy, which means your internet protocol (IP) address is virtually untraceable and all your activity is hidden from your ISP. Most importantly, VPN services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy than even a secured WiFi hotspot.

VPNs do not just offer privacy, however — they change your geo-location to access different country’s information and even connect to remote data centers. With all this being said, you may be wondering whether you should use a VPN, if they’re safe, and how much does a VPN cost? In this article, you will find the answers to these questions.

Should You Use a VPN?

There are several amazing benefits to using a VPN, to begin with: VPNs secure your entire incoming and outgoing online information by encrypting it. This helps maintain privacy and is a great tool for people who need to access their company resources from a location other than the office. A VPN solution allows your company to set up a network that mimics their network on-site.

A VPN can prevent bandwidth throttling as well. This is when your ISP limits your bandwidth lowering your online speeds. ISPs usually do that to improve their service by getting rid of network congestion and ensuring there is enough bandwidth for all users.

Are VPNs Safe to Use?

VPNs are generally safe to use, however, you must do your research first. The VPN market is crowded with various options, so it’s essential to consider exactly what you’re looking for before choosing one. Reputable VPNs are extremely safe to use as they include high-level security features that prevent various kinds of cyber-attacks. These Virtual Private Networks usually include military-grade encryption standards, making it impossible for invaders to track your activity or steal your data.

While you are in safe hands with a reputable VPN provider, that level of safety comes with a price point. However, we’d strongly recommend against saving a few pennies by going with a free VPN service. There’s always a catch with these: even though your data is encrypted, the free VPN service may have the right to sell said data to third-parties.

How Much Does a VPN Solution Cost?

There are a variety of service providers offering VPN services. When considering a VPN service, you need to have access to important features such as a good server location, high connectivity, and a competitive price. There are various free options available, however, they come with ads and lack the reliability or commitment to privacy. The paid VPN services are offered at a monthly fee subscription and you can find good options for around $7 per month. Also, some VPN services offer a discount if you pay for one or two years at a time, which is a great way to save more money.

Subscription plans are also available at premium rates if you need added encryption or security. As stated above, there are a variety of VPN options, and no one size fits all. If you require every computer in your office or home to have a VPN, consider the pay per user VPN option. The cost for such a VPN is the same as above, but it’s per-user per-month. You can find options as low as $3 a month as well.

Always do your research before choosing a VPN. Consider your needs and technical abilities as well as the safety and privacy features of the VPNs you’re researching.

How to get a FREE VPN for 30 days

If you need a VPN for a short while when traveling for example, you can get our top ranked VPN free of charge. NordVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will need to pay for the subscription, that’s a fact, but it allows full access for 30 days and then you cancel for a full refund. Their no-questions-asked cancellation policy lives up to its name.

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