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FIX: Chats Won’t Mark as Read in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams can run in the background. When you receive a new message, a desktop alert tells you you have a new message, who it’s from, and offers a brief snippet of the message. You can click this alert and it will take you directly to the new message.

If you choose to ignore the alert, the Microsoft Teams’ system tray icon will show you a badge indicating you have unread messages. Inside the app, a badge will appear next to the person or team with unread messages.

Microsoft Teams won’t mark chats as read

Microsoft Teams alerts users to unread messages both within the app and on the desktop. When a user reads the message, the visual indicators i.e., unread message badges go away on their own. This happens automatically however, sometimes the badge tends to stick around even after you’ve read all your messages.

1. Scroll conversation thread

If you have multiple unread messages within the same thread, simply visiting it may not be enough to mark them as read.

  1. Go to the chat/conversation thread with unread messages.
  2. Scroll to the earliest message in the thread, or scroll back to the last message that you responded to.
  3. Return to the latest message in the thread.
  4. The unread message badges should go away.

2. Sign Out/In

Microsoft Teams sometimes fails to update the status of things e.g, read/unread messages, files that may be open, online/offline status of other users. Signing out and signing back in forces it to sync the information.

  1. Read all your unread messages.
  2. Click your profile at the top right.
  3. Select Sign out.
  4. Once signed out, sign back in.
  5. The unread message count should be gone.

3. Toggle notifications

If you don’t want to log out and log into Microsoft Teams, you can try toggling notifications.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Click your profile at the top right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Notifications.
  5. Open the various dropdowns and select ‘Off’ wherever the option is available.
  6. Wait a few minutes.
  7. Turn the notifications back on.

3. Send/react to message

Read messages still appearing as unread messages in Microsoft Teams happens because the information isn’t syncing. To force it to sync, send a message over the channel/thread with the unread message. Doing so will force data to be sent and will update the status of read items.


Microsoft Teams doesn’t seem to have a simple way to force data to sync when it doesn’t. It should happen automatically but when it doesn’t, signing out and signing in is a fail-safe fix.

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