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How to use the Google Meet Whiteboard in a meeting

Whiteboards are commonly used in meetings, particularly in brainstorming sessions as a way to visualize what’s being discusses and to keep track of ideas. Whiteboards have become virtual and they’re an excellent tool to use in online meetings. Drawing on them may not be the same as drawing on a physical board but it gets the job done.

Google Meet Whiteboard

Using Microsoft Teams? It has a built-in whiteboard tool too.

Google Meet Whiteboard

Google Meet has a built-in whiteboard tool. More importantly, this tool is available regardless if you use Google Meet for free, or if you have a paid subscription for it. 

The Whiteboard is not available for mobile users. They will not be able to see the whiteboard or interact with it during a meeting.

Use Google Meet Whiteboard

To use the Whiteboard in Google Meet, follow these steps.

  1. Start or join a Google Meet meeting.
  2. Click the activities button at the bottom right.
  3. Click Whiteboard in the panel that opens.
  4. Click the Start a new Whiteboard button (each meeting gets its own whiteboard).
  5. A new window will open that you can start drawing on.
  6. A drawing board will remain active even after the meeting ends.

Share Google Meet Whiteboard

The Google Meet Whiteboard is basically Jamboard by Google. It’s another Google product that is a virtual whiteboard. In Google Meet, it appears with the name whiteboard but you’re using Jamboard. 

The whiteboard that’s created can be shared. Each whiteboard has its own unique link. The easiest away to share the whiteboard is to copy the link and share it over email or chat but that will only allow users to view it, and not edit it. 

To share more securely, click the Share button at the top right of the jamboard. Add emails of the users you want to share the board with, and click Send. If you’ve ever shared a folder in Google Drive, this UI will look very familiar. 


When you create a whiteboard, everyone in the meeting can see it. To access the whiteboard, other users must also click the activities button in a meeting. Since the board has already been created, it will appear in the Whiteboard panel. Users can create multiple whiteboards for a single meeting and everyone in a meeting will be able to interact with it. A link for each whiteboard created within a meeting will appear in the Whiteboard panel. If a meeting ends, and the same meeting is started again (same link) the whiteboards created in the previous session will not be listed. 

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