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How to use the Microsoft Teams planner

Work, whether it’s remote or in-office needs tools to manage it. No one can remember everything that needs to be done or followed up. The larger a team you work in, the more help you’ll need to keep it all organized. 

There’s no shortage of tools for organizing work; you can use physical tools e.g., a calendar or diary or you can use software that takes less space and you’re spoiled for choice. 

Microsoft Teams planner

Planners and calendars are a great way to manage tasks and if you have an online planning tool, you can use it to share schedules with your entire team.

Microsoft Teams has a built-in planner that allows users to add tasks and assign them to other team members. The planner is visible to everyone in the team and tells everyone at a glance what needs to be done.

Set up Microsoft Teams planner

To set up the Microsoft Teams planner, you must have;

  • An enterprise Microsoft Teams license.
  • The Tasks app installed and enabled in Microsoft Teams.

To set up the planner, follow these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the Teams tab from the column on the left.
  3. Select the team you want to create the planner for.
  4. Select a channel (a planner is created for a channel).
  5. Click the plus button at the top right of the tabs and select Tasks by PLanner and To Do.
  6. Enter a name for the tab and create it.
  7. Go to the tab and start adding tasks.

Micosoft Teams planner views

Microsoft Teams planner has various different views that you can use to see how a week or month is planned out.

The tasks can be shown as lists, as a board, in chart form (pictured below), and as a schedule which provides a calendar view that shows the current month or week, whichever view it is you prefer.


The planner is a sub-feature of the Tasks tool. It’s meant for entire teams and not a single person. If you’d like to record tasks for just yourself, you can go to the Tasks tab. The app is already added and ready to use. You can also view tasks that have been assigned to you from the Tasks tab. 

If you have trouble adding the planner for a channel, make sure you’re signed in as a team member (not owner or admin), and then add the planner tab.

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