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How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

Meeting minutes are a helpful way to keep track of the events of a meeting. They’re normally taken in short, concise form during the meeting and then distributed to all participants in more detail once the meeting is over.

Meeting minutes are written manually and given how many meetings have moved online, there are better ways to record what happened in a meeting. 

Record Microsoft Teams meeting

Online meetings can be recorded. The recording includes both audio and video. As for the method of recording, some apps will have a native call recording feature while others can be recorded with a simple screen recording app.

Microsoft Teams has a built-in call recording feature. It allows users to record a meeting and the recording is shared automatically with everyone. 

A recording will include all the audio of the recording from all participants and it will include all video that was shared e.g., all screen sharing sessions, and the webcam feed from those that have their webcams enabled.

The Microsoft Teams recording feature alerts everyone that the call is being recorded so, if you need to record a meeting in stealth, you will have to use a screen recording utility that runs outside Microsoft Teams.

Record Microsoft Teams meeting – Native feature

To record a Microsoft Teams meeting, follow these steps.

  1. Start or join a meeting.
  2. On the meeting window, click the more options (three dots) button at the top.
  3. Select Start Recording from the menu.

Record Microsoft Teams meeting

  1. A banner will appear at the top for ALL users alerting them that the meeting is being recorded.
  2. To stop the recording, click the more options button again.
  3. Select Stop recording from the menu.
  4. The recording will be shared with everyone in the channel within a few minutes.

Record Microsoft Teams meeting – Sealth mode

If you’d like to record a Microsoft Teams meeting secretly i.e., so that the other participants do not know the meeting is being recorded, you have to use a desktop screen recording tool that can also capture audio input and output.

Be warned that in some countries, recording others without their permission is a crime. If you choose to share your desktop with everyone during the meeting, your recording tool will be visible in it.

  1. Download and install Open Broadcaster Studio.
  2. Set the app up to record the desktop.
  3. Make sure audio input and output is NOT muted.
  4. Click Start Recording.
  5. Minimize OBS.
  6. Join a Microsoft Teams meetings.
  7. Once the meeting is finished (or at any other point in the meeting), you can click Stop Recording in OBS to end the recording

Note: you can use any screen recording app to record Microsoft Teams meetings. We recommend using OBS because it is free, powerful, and reliable.


The main difference between recording with the native feature and in stealth is that with stealth, no one knows they’re being recorded. The same content is going to be recorded in both cases i.e., all audio and whatever video (desktop sessions/webcam) that has been shared. 

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