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How To Control Video Playback Speed On Any Website In Chrome

You can speed up, or slow down video playback on YouTube. Video playback speed controls aren’t a standard feature on media players. Only the most feature-rich media players, like VLC player, let you control video playback speed. With the feature this rare on desktop media players, it’s bound to be uncommon on the web. Outside of YouTube, websites that let users upload, and watch videos don’t commonly have a speed control feature. If you use Chrome, the Video Speed Controller – With Hotkeys extension can add video playback speed controls to any website.

Video Playback Speed

Download the Video Speed Controller extension and visit a website that lets you play a video e.g., Facebook. The extension will add a speedometer icon next to the URL bar. Play a video and click the extension’s button. It has three different speeds; 0.5x Speed which will reduce the speed by half, 1.5x which will speed it up by half, and 2x which will play it back at twice the speed.

The extension also supports keyboard shortcuts that you can use to speed up, or slow down the video’s playback speed. The shortcuts all use the arrow keys on your keyboard and most keyboards have these keys. If you have a smaller keyboard, you might be missing these keys and there’s no option to edit/change them.

If your internet connection isn’t the most reliable, and you’re watching a video in HD or in any resolution that isn’t SD, playing it at a faster speed may result in choppy playback. This doesn’t have to do with the extension. The extension can only speed up video playback, it can’t make the video load faster. If the video is choppy when you play it, allow it buffer completely and then play it.

You can change the playback speed any time i.e., if you’re watching a video at 2x speed, you can return to the normal speed from the extension’s menu, or by using the Shift + Down Arrow key. The extension does not remember the playback speed for a domain. If you watch a video on Facebook at twice the speed, and watch a different one later it will play at its normal speed. Not even YouTube remembers playback speeds.

The extension is great if you watch videos on Facebook which can, at times, have long, unnecessary intros. Facebook isn’t home to the same type of videos as YouTube i.e. tutorials where you just want to get to the point but that doesn’t mean they’re worth watching from start to finish. A lot of them are just click bait.


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