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Crop, Resize, Optimize, And Add Text & Filters To A GIF

GIFs, the animated ones, have more appeal than you would think. They can be used instructionally; a quick little GIF showing you how to hide the icons on your desktop is so much easier to watch than a video. They also make for a great witty comeback when you can’t get the words right yourself. That said, many of us have to settle¬†with using the GIFs that are available online because making one requires going through a few tutorials to learn how. EzGif is a little web app that helps make it easier for the average, unskilled, GIF user to resize, crop, optimize, split, add texts, and even filters. It’s simple to use and that’s basically the hook.

Visit EzGIF and upload a GIF, or link to the one you want to edit, and click Upload. Once it’s been uploaded, choose what you want to edit in the GIF. The edit functions are done by other GIF editing services but EzGIf gives you an interface that’s easy to work with and you don’t have to go searching for them yourself.


The service doesn’t host the edited images so you will have to download it to your system, and upload it to an image hosting service like Imgur if you want to share it. That said, the editing tools are pretty good. You can optimize and resize a GIF which is something you can’t do with basic desktop apps that provide the same feature for other image formats (Example: Irfan View). The filters are the basic ones and a few that are borrowed from Instagram. Overall, it’s a great tool to use if you create instructional GIFs.

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