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Search For And Download Any Font With Just Its Name

Typography is an important part of design and font choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to a design project. Regardless if you’re image is meant to be printed as a poster, or used on a website, the font used will impact how an image is received. Fonts can make and break an image and it makes sense to invest some solid time looking for the perfect one. That said, sometimes you just find the perfect font used on a web page. You can easily look up what font is used using the web inspector but finding the font, more specifically, finding where you can download it, can be a problem. Get the Font is a simple web app that lets you search for a font and download it in your selected format.

Visit Get the Font and enter the name of the font you’re trying to download. Just below the input field you have checkboxes for selecting the font format. Check the ones you want to use and click ‘Get the Font’.

Get the Font

The app will search for the font and if it’s available in the format you selected, it will list a download link for it. You can then download the font directly from the link on the page without having to go through a different website. It’s worth mentioning that the app doesn’t search font families. It searches for specific styles which you will have to enter with the font name. The names need to be precise and you can’t just enter, for example, Comic and expect the app to find all fonts with the word Comic in the name, or even to find the Comic Sans font.

Visit Get the Font

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