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How to delete posts on Facebook

Facebook allows users to post status updates, photos, videos, and links. Users have the option to limit the audience for a Facebook post and the audience can be set on a per-post or per-update basis. It gives users fine-grain control over who can see what.

Delete posts on Facebook

While it is incredibly easy to limit the audience of a post, you may still regret posting something to your profile. The good news is, you can delete anything and everything that you’ve ever posted to Facebook.

Facebook posts can be deleted from the web and from Facebook’s mobile apps. In both cases, a user can only delete posts that they have made, or something that has been posted to their profile. A user cannot delete a post that another user has made on their own profile.

Want to delete Facebook? Here’s how.

Delete posts on Facebook – Profile page

To delete a post on Facebook from your desktop browser follow these steps.

  1. Visit Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Go to your Profile by clicking your name/profile picture at the top right.
  3. On your profile page, look for the post you want to delete.
  4. Click the more options button at the top right of a post.
  5. Select Delete post from the menu.
  6. Confirm you want to delete the post.

Delete posts on Facebook – Activity log

If you want to delete posts on Facebook as well as remove reactions and comments, doing it from the Activity Manager will be quicker than doing it from your profile page.

  1. Visit Facebook in your browser and log in.
  2. Click the arrow at the top right, and select Settings and Privacy > Activity Log.
  3. On the bar on the left, look through your Facebook activity. Click the more options button (three dots) next to an activity, and select the remove/delete option.

Delete post on Facebook mobile – Profile tab

You do not need to be on a desktop system to delete posts on Facebook. If you have the Facebook app installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you can delete posts from it as well.

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to your profile tab.
  2. Go through the posts and tap the more options (three dots) button at the top right of a post.
  3. Select Delete from the menu.

Delete posts on Facebook mobile – Activity Manager

This is the only method that is available, at present, for deleting posts on Facebook in bulk.

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Go to the Menu tab (the one with three lines).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section, and tap Activity Log.
  5. Tap Manage Activity at the top.
  6. Tap ‘Your Posts’ on the menu.
  7. Select all the posts you want to delete and tap Recycle Bin.


Deleting a Facebook post will remove all traces of it from your profile however, if someone has saved something e.g. a photo or video that you posted, you won’t be able to do anything about it. If a post that you made has been shared by others, deleting it will also delete the shared post.

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