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Facebook Adds Stickers In Comments; This Extension Gets Rid Of Them

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature; you can now use stickers in Comments. From what little exploring we’ve done, the feature works on posts by individuals and not yet on posts by pages. If you’re wondering what these ‘Stickers’ are they are emoticons you can use in Facebook chat in addition to the normal smiley faces that you’ve grown familiar with. They feature popular characters like the Power Rangers and Pusheen. Like every new feature introduced by Facebook, we will naturally feel duty-bound to criticize this one. Thoughts like, ‘What will my news feed look like now?’ come to mind. Considering Facebook won’t support GIFs, this is a fairly good feature. If you aren’t too stoked about it though, there is a way to hide stickers from your comments: a Chrome and Firefox extension called Unsticker Me. The extension removes the cartoonish imprint and replaces it with just this text [Sticker] so you know what comment was posted by someone but don’t actually have to look at it.

To use Stickers, click the comment box under an update and you will see a smiley face button next to the camera button that allows you to post photos. You get the usual selection of stickers and any stickers you added in Facebook chat will appear here with your recently used sticker history.

facebook comment stickers

Unsticker Me works in the background; you only have to install it and refresh the page. Instead of seeing the actual sticker that was used/posted, you see text [Sticker] to indicate it.

facebook no sticker

Unsticker me is available for both Firefox and Chrome, and its open source so if anyone cared to create an extension for Safari, Internet Explorer, or Opera, you can use its source code. The extension doesn’t add any buttons or other indicators to your browser’s interface though it would be nice if it came with a toggle switch.

Install Unsticker Me For Firefox And Chrome 


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