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How To Find The Logo For A Website

Websites are created for different reasons; some are product pages, some are communication portals, some are eCommerce platforms, and some host videos. There is no rule that defines what you can, or cannot create a website for. One common purpose of a website is to act as a product information portal where you can find information about a company and the products it makes e.g., Apple. If you ever need to find the logo for a company, its official website is the best place to get the latest one. Here’s how you can find the logo for a website.

There are two ways to do this; Google Image search, or an app called Logo Finder.

Google Image search

In Google Image search, enter the name of the company that you want to find the logo for. For example, if you want to find the Apple logo, you can enter “Apple logo”. It’s a good idea to qualify this with PNG so that you get a good transparent image.

Unfortunately, this may give you exact copies of the logo but not the one used on the website. For popular company websites, such as that of Apple, this method will usually work. For more obscure websites, try the Logo Finder app.

Logo Finder App

Visit Logo Finder and enter the URL for the website you want to find the logo for. We should warn you that this app may prompt you for permission to mine Crytpocurrency. You have the option to deny the request.

When you enter the URL, the app quickly fetches the logo for you. Right-click it and select the save option to save it to your desktop.

Logo Finder doesn’t find a PNG file for the logo. It’s most likely going to be a JPG file. which is the downside of the app. You might have better luck with Google Image search. You can always use Logo Finder to get the logo file in JPG format and use it to do a reverse image search and find the PNG.

The benefit of getting a logo for a company from its own website is that you can’t be wrong. Whether you need it for a presentation or for academic work, if the logo you’ve used matches the one that is used on the official website, you can’t be faulted for it. It might seem trivial but these little, seemingly insignificant things count towards attention to detail.

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  1. You can also use the Inspect/Inspect Element tool to find where the image is located and grab it from the source.

    Another trick is to look at the Wikipedia page if there’s one, or look if they have a press kit available, explaining how to use their branding correctly and that sometimes include the hi-res/vectorized logos.

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