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Find Out Which Countries A Movie Or TV Show Is Available In Netflix

Netflix has just expanded its service to 190 countries and no doubt it’s seeing an influx of new users. The availability of so many shows and movies, legal access to them, and that too in HD, is bound to reel us in but what might come as a shock to some is that not all titles available in the US have been made available to all the countries the service has expanded to. For some countries, the list is actually very limited and disappointing. Naturally, people will be resorting to using proxies and VPNs to get access to these shows. The only question is, which country is a particular show available in? Flixed is a web service that tells you exactly which countries a particular Netflix show or movie is available in.

Visit Flixed and type in the name of the show you want to watch. Click the show from the search results (assuming it’s on Netflix) and you will be able to see which countries it’s available in. After that, it’s up to you select what tool you want to use and which country you want to watch the show from. The ‘Unavailable In Your Region’ link just below the country flags will redirect you to a VPN solution for this particular need.


We should mention that Flixed’s main purpose is to help you find shows on Netflix. It has a rich list of filters to help you do just that. You can get shows by genre, country, year of release, and ratings.

Flixed - filters

Here’s hoping Netflix expands its line-up to all countries it’s now serving. If popular titles like The Walking Dead are kept out, the site might not be worth the subscription.

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