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Get Reverse Google Image Search Option For Facebook Photos In Firefox

Google’s reverse image search is a very handy feature. I’ve used it often to find the original source of an image, or in the case where I like an image for my desktop background, it has helped me find its largest available size. In the past, we’ve covered quite a number of extensions and add-ons that add Google’s reverse Image search to browsers’ right-click context menu, allowing you to right-click an image and search for it. Facebook Photo Appraiser is a similar add-on for Firefox that integrate with Facebook and adds a ‘Similar images’ option for all images on the social network, images allowing you to reverse search them. The search results open in a new tab.

After installing Appraiser, just open an image from your Facebook feed and you will see a new ‘Similar Images’ option next to the Like and Comment links. The add-on works in theater mode but it’s buggy. At first, we had trouble getting it to work but a few page refreshes later, it was working fine. Should the extension fail to load in theater mode, you should view it normally i.e. with theater mode disabled. To do so, refresh the page and it will load in the old image viewer.


You will find that Facebook Photo Appraiser adds the ‘similar images’ option under pictures on your timeline as well, which shows that the developer has covered all the bases. Whether you’re viewing an image in theater mode, in the old viewer, or on your timeline, the reverse image search option is always available.

Facebook Photo Appraiser is pretty simple and straightforward, and the only issue with it seems to be its occasional reluctance to work in Theater mode, which should be fixed. Also, it adds a pointless button to the add-on bar. I like to keep the add-on bar hidden and move all buttons that I require to the Navigation bar but for those who do utilize the add-on bar, this is a waste of space that they will have to manually get rid of. If the developer would like to really take the add-on further, other image search engines can be integrated, or the user can be given the choice to add search engines of their own choice.

Install Facebook Photo Appraiser For Firefox


  1. “…or in the case where I like an image for my desktop background, it has helped me find its largest available size.”

    So, what you’re basically saying here is, you have committed copyright infringement using this app…

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