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Have Chrome Sort Gmail Emails, Files, Links & Images In Separate Tabs

For many, Gmail has now become the de facto email service but despite being powerful, customizable and fairly intuitive, there are a few features Gmail fails to offer out of the box. Though that’s where a number of Google Chrome extensions fill the gap, with Mikey For Gmail being the newest one in this genre. If you fancy Gmail’s new tabbed interface, you’re gonna love Mikey, as the extension allows you to quickly find things in your account by sorting them out under relevant tabs. It does this by indexing results in your Gmail and presents images, links and files from sent and received emails under their pertaining tabs. No, it doesn’t add a search box or anything of the sort, but the extension is just designed to present things separately from one another.

A few things to keep in mind before getting started: needless to say, Mikey requires access to your Gmail account in order to index content, for which it also stores your data overs its own SSL AES-256 encrypted server. While a service like this might raise a few privacy questions , the developers claim that this is the only way they can index content from your Gmail, and your information is not only encrypted but can also be deleted upon your request anytime you want, by sending an email. More details can be found under the FAQ section on Mikey’s website.

To get started, install the extension from Chrome Web Store. Once ready, sign in to your Gmail account that needs to be tied with Mikey. A small pop up automatically appears in your inbox, prompting you to connect Mikey to your Gmail. You may also go through the FAQ, or click ‘Not right now’ or ‘Never this account’.

Mikey for Gmail

Clicking ‘Connect’ takes you to the permissions screen, showing you the permissions it requires. To proceed further, you must grant these permissions.

Mikey For Gmail Permission

Mikey then automatically creates four additional tabs at the top of Gmail’s newly introduced tabbed UI. These include Email, Files, Links and Images, all of which are pretty much self-explanatory; simply click your desired one to see the underlying content. It’s worth mentioning here that Mikey requires a few hours to index all your emails (both sent and received), and the total time it takes to index everything depends on the number of items in your account.

Mikey For Gmail Inbox

The Files tab displays a list of all the file attachments from your emails. Likewise, the Links section carries all the links found in your emails, and the Images section aggregates all the images sent and received from your account.


You can download Mieky For Gmail via the download link provided below. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro.

Install Mikey For Gmail from Chrome Web Store

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  1. Nice, but I am not using it because I would never allow a third party company to access my data 24/7. Google does not offer a log file, so they could copy every single data from my account.

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