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Lala Gif: Add Audio To Your Gifs

Gifs are the best way to express yourself on the internet; Gifs are to comments what emoji is to text messages. It’s hard to imagine what the next generation of internet users will use to express their outrage, approval, despair, or happiness when we think of how effective Gifs are but that doesn’t mean no one is trying to invent a better way to express emotions online. Meet Lala Gif a simple web app that adds audio to your Gifs. Now, technically, moving picture with sound is called a video but there’s a difference in image quality, which in turn impacts how fast it loads. What we’re saying is, a Gif with a little audio will load faster than a video, it will obviously be more expressive than a mute Gif, but still convenient to watch.

Using Lala Gifs is simple; you need your Gif and you need your audio. At present, the audio can only be added from a YouTube video. You need the URL  for both the Gif and the video.

gif with sounds

Now the obvious problem here is that a video is much longer than a Gif, hence the sound is just as long so that it matches and syncs with playback. A Gif will always be shorter than a video, always. In order to match the sound up with your Gif’s length expand the advanced options under the URL fields for Gif and Video and set the start and end time for the video. The start and end time tell the app where to get the audio from, and when to stop. Like a Gif, the audio is looped so that it plays over and over with the Gif.

Each Gif you create is given a name which becomes the URL for the final file. Each Gif you create must have a unique name and you cannot go back and edit it. One thing to remember is that Lala Gif adds sound to a Gif, it is not a Gif creator itself so bring your own Gifs.

The resulting image you get is great as far as Gifs go but the audio is slow to load and it doesn’t seem as if the app compressed it at all which makes for less of an experience. Also, where the interface is simple and easy to use, actually getting the right time for the sound from the video, and then the multiple attempts you may make to get it right, will be both time consuming and possibly frustrating unless you really really need to make your point online. Overall, it’s good with room for improvement.

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  1. Here’s my problem: Short video, just 3 words. I want it to play ONCE and ONLY once..how do I stop the ENDLESS repeats ?

  2. Or just try out @coub on Telegram. Fantastic bot. No need to open websites. All inside one app. Even Gmail can be used in Telegram. Weird that you duded never ever mentioned the best messenger 🙁

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