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Pause And Resume Large Uploads When Transferring Files Online

File transfer and file sharing are definitely one of the most saturated niches in the online services area. We have big names and little names in the mix; Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, WeTransfer, Jumpshare, the list can go on forever. With so many services already working, any new names in this niche, and often the existing ones, will come out with features that support file sharing and make it better. Collaboration, security, syncing, and file version control are just some of the things that are offered and it’s fairly hard to come up with something that hasn’t already been thought of. Dropjar is a new name in this niche; it tries to tie together P2P sharing, and the pause and resume feature you have available to you when you download files using a torrent client. The service however, isn’t P2P transfer and users are uploading files to the service with the ability to pause the upload any time. Once the upload is finished, the service will send the file to a pre-entered recipient’s email. It will also give you a link to your file so you can share it over an instant messaging service.

Dropjar’s design is very WeTransfer inspired; a large and very artistic background with the little jar at the bottom right constitutes the entire interface. You can upload files as big as 10GB. The file upload size gives this service a competitive edge over others. Select a file, enter your, and your recipients’ email addresses. You can send a file to more than one recipient. Enter a message and click ‘Transfer’ to begin the upload.


The file, as it is being uploaded, can be paused. You can view file transfer progress as it uploads. The background keeps changing and they’ve got some really great ones featuring cats and dogs in space. It’s one of the easiest ways to appeal to the internet.


Once file transfer is complete, the service notifies you on the upload page. It also sends an email to your recipients with the link to download the file. The file is kept for seven days and the recipient is informed in the email the name and size of the file, as well as what date it will no longer be available after.


It’s not a very novel idea but it’s definitely one of those services that stress heavily on the simplicity of a process and focus only on something very specific. In this case, it’s the ability to pause file transfers.

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