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Permanently Hide The Facebook Page Posts That Your Friends Share

Facebook pages can be very informative and they can be very annoying too. You have to weed out the bad ones and a good Facebook page can quickly, and very easily, turn into a bad one. On a personal level, you can simply unfollow a page and you no longer have to look at the rage inducing or mind numbing content it shares but what do you do if your friends share it? You can unfollow a friend but then all their activity, the stuff you might want to keep up with, will stop appearing in your feed. The answer is to block the annoying pages they share content from and you’ll never have to look at it again. Here’s how.

This will take a little time because you have to block the annoying pages individually but if you work on it for a few days, blocking pages each time you scan your news feed, you will have a much cleaner news feed in a week or two.

To block an annoying page, wait for one of your friends to share something from it. Click the small arrow button next to the post and scroll down until you see the Hide all from [Page Name] option. Click it and you will no longer see posts from that page no matter which friend shares it. No matter how often content from the blocked page is shared by any one of your friends, it will never appear in your news feed. If you visit a friend’s profile page though, it will still be visible there.


You can do this from the mobile apps as well. The option is located in the same drop-down menu though it isn’t always visible until you expand the menu by tapping More options. One week of blocking should de-clutter your news feed for the rest of the year. It’s a little time consuming but worth it in the long run.


  1. This doesn’t work anymore it seems, especially for political pages it still shows the content and it’s really sketchy of Facebook to keep showing these

  2. Unfortunately, FaceBook is not giving me the option to hide many political pages that I would rather not see. Stoopid games, sure. Left-leaning political pages? No blinkin’ way.

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