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Quick Tip: Hold Down The Alt Key To Copy Words In Hyperlink

We’ve all at one time or the other needed to copy hyperlinked text. It ought to be easy to do but it turns into a dance we do with our cursor and browser trying to trick the two into letting us select the text. It’s definitely do-able but with a lot of trial and error. Often, we simply end up copying more text than we intend to. With complex websites it gets trickier because we often end up copying the text in columns, and its various UI elements. There is however, an exponentially easy way to simply copy the text that is linked to a different location. Here’s how.

To simply select text, hold down the ‘Alt’ key before you position the cursor over the linked text. The GIF below illustrates this. The first two times, the Alt key is not held down. The cursor changes from the normal ‘arrow’ to the ‘hand’ when it’s over the link.

Once the Alt key is held down, the cursor doesn’t change to reflect it’s detected a link. You can move the cursor over the text and select it as though it were normal, unformatted plain text. After selecting it, let go of the Alt button and hit Ctrl+c to copy it, or right-click it and search on your preferred search engine.


This is a universal trick meaning it should work in just about every browser, including Internet Explorer. You can apply other text selection tips when you’re selecting linked text. With the Alt key held down, double click a word to select it. If you have an entire paragraph that’s linked to a different location, hold down the Alt key and triple click to select it.

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